If you are tired of using chemicals that have side effects among other disadvantages simply switch to natural products and you are not going to have any regrets. This is an important decision that however needs specific information on the alternative options. The best thing about natural cleaning techniques and products is that you get to save time and money. First, stop using the magic erasers and instead buy the melamine spong in plenty. That way you will use eco-friendly products in the cleaning process of your home. Also, make sure you start cleaning your house using microfiber cloths. Yes, you can only use this kind of cloths and just water to clean your house. The trick is making sure that each room has its own microfiber cloth except for the toilets and you will never have to use chemicals.

Vinegar and citric fruits are other natural products that can make your cleaning life way easier than you can ever think. Citrus infused vinegar for example is used to clean the floors and windows. The natural products combine very well to form a disinfectant that removes germs from the surfaces cleaned. Simply fill a jar of citrus peels and pour vinegar. Leave the mixture for a couple of hours to days and there you have your cleaning solution. The same solution can be used to clean the dishwasher together with hot water for excellent results. Amazingly, there will be no kind of dirt or dirt on the dishwasher. However, for the dishwasher cleaning, just use a small amount of the solution (a glass of Pyrex should be enough). You can also clean the garbage disposal with the crystallized version of the solution. This involves freezing the citrus fruit peels and vinegar and throwing the ice cubes into the garbage disposal.

Another home cleaning technique is use of natural air freshener. One good thing about this option is the fact that you create the freshener and get the chance to experiment which is your best combination. The ingredients are normally: sliced lemon, sliced lime, sliced orange, tablespoons of cinnamon, rosemary, vanilla and cloves. To achieve this one you must have a spray and the spray bottle. You can get a second hand one at throw away prices and make your use for chemicals a thing of the past.

You can also clean your oven without using chemicals at all. Yes, just use already available baking soda by creating a sticky matter and leave to dry on the parts to be cleaned. After that remove the dried sticky matter with water only and you will be surprised by the new shining surfaces. There you go, very simple techniques that will leave your home clean without using any kind of chemicals. Although the concept is new, there are uncountable techniques of home cleaning that skip the part where you have to use chemicals. If you do not have the time to do the already mentioned preparation techniques you can also buy natural cleaning agents.

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